In a fragile relationship, a husband wants to impress upon his pregnant wife his seriousness in being a good father, so he whisks her away on a babymoon travel holiday to the most exotic, beautiful, Instagram -able, country imaginable, which unbeknownst to him is experiencing a political revolution!

“THE BABYMOON” is an adventure comedy film that was born out of the recent cultural phenomenon of taking a vacation before the birth of your first child - in the midst of one of the most significant events in a couple’s life, which may actually turn out to be that moment when the relationship shines its brightest.

A great film to watch while waiting on baby or a baby shower gift for an expecting friend!"

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“Real and genuine"
“Not only were the main cast good, every supporting role is a lot of fun."
“The humor is inspired."
“Writer/Director Bailey Kobe gives us a movie that both men and women can enjoy at different moments of our lives"
“Great cast."
"A wedding is for everyone else. This is where it’s about us. It’s about going somewhere for just for us."
“I thought I was going to hate this... but it turns out to be one of my Top-10 movies of 2016"
“As a single guy, I am not the target demographic, yet I found it incredibly charming and fun."
“For everyone - Expecting mother? Perfect. Expecting father? Great. Need a family friendly film for the evening? You’ve got one."
“Depth and humor, a combination many films in this genre lack"
“I think you cherish The Babymoon even more after having your first child"
“Really sweet"
“There are so many great supporting characters".
“I connected to the subject matter so much".
“Funny, clever, and above all, honest."