Double Date! Mark DeCarlo featured in 2 films for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day the cast and crew of The Babymoon are prepared for a double date with Mark DeCarlo! The witty comedian and actor is gracing two screens with the release of “The Babymoon” and “Fifty Shades Darker”. The Emmy-award winning comedian, author, and television host can be seen in both movie theaters and on home screens February 14th, 2017. We’re happy to see both featuring DeCarlo!

In “The Babymoon”, DeCarlo plays Fabrice Mancini, a television producer known for his B-rated shows that have led to a fan base that includes The Babymoon star, Trace McEvans. Trace believes that he can ride the coattails of Fabrice’s success and attempts to impress him by forcing encounters, while leaving his wife behind to “enjoy” her babymoon alone. At a forced meeting, Fabrice gives healthy doses of realism to Trace and speaks volumes to the hard work that is required for success. This moment between them sticks with Trace for the remainder of the film.

Like his character in The Babymoon, DeCarlo is no stranger to the hard work that is required to achieve a lengthy and successful career. In addition to his on-screen recognition, DeCarlo has vastly impressive resume covering a wide breadth of talents. In addition to acting, DeCarlo has made a name for himself as an author, writer, and respected travel and food blogger & podcaster. His resume includes everything from recognizable voice acting (Hugh Neutron from Jimmy Neutron, anyone?), winning 3 Emmy’s for his comedy segment on Windy City LIVE, hosting Taste of America with Mark DeCarlo, writing a best-seller foodie travel guide (A Fork in the Road: 400 Cities, 1 Stomach), and building a travel blog  on HuffPost Travel & Orbitz, as well as a travel podcast. Additionally, DeCarlo wrote Taste of America With Mark DeCarlo to expand upon the recipes and behind the scenes moments with chefs that DeCarlo had while on his show with the same name on the Travel Channel.

To see Mark DeCarlo, you can pre-order a copy of The Babymoon to watch on Valentine’s Day, as well as see him in theaters. To listen to his podcast, you can visit SoundCloud or iTunes. To read more about DeCarlo’s inspired traveling, head to his website, where you can also purchase a copy of his latest books.