Enjoy Our Movie Starring Shaun Sipos

Shaun Sipos

There are plenty of movies coming out all of the time in theaters, on demand or for sale via download on the Internet that you can choose from all of the time. Finding the movies that appeal most to your tastes can be something of a challenge as you try to wade through everything available, so it can help you spot a film you have an interest in if you recognize one of the actors as a personal favorite. For those of us that are fans of Shaun Sipos and his work, the chance to see a film like “The Babymoon” is a great opportunity to see a fun film with a fan favorite.

What the Movie is About

Our movie, “The Babymoon,” takes a fun and unique approach to a couple going through pregnancy, facing its challenges, their relationship, and the fun and chaos that ensues when they decide to vacation to a country in the throes of a government upheaval. The idea of a babymoon is a fairly recent thing that has taken hold in society, where expecting couples take time out to vacation and spend time together before the birth of their child so they can enjoy each other and strengthen their relationship. This movie takes a fun approach to the adventure while at the same time presenting real relationship issues that couples face today.

A Cast That Shines

The cast in our movie helps to put this film on your “must-see” list. Shaun Sipos is our male lead, Trace, and you probably recognize him from television shows like “Dark Matters,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Life Unexpected,” and “Melrose Place.” Playing opposite Shaun is Julie McNiven as Hanna, his wife, and the expectant mother. Both do a fantastic job as the couple that is the focus of the story, and there is a wonderful supporting cast featuring the talents of the likes of Kelly Perine, Jessica Camacho, Michael DeLorenzo, Mark DeCarlo and others that make the film fun to watch.

A Fun Film to Watch

If you are looking for a film that is fun, touching and relevant all at the same time and stars the likes of Shaun Sipos and Julie McNiven, then make sure to see our movie “The Babymoon.” You can find out more about the movie and where you can download it from and watch it when you visit our website at Head over to our site today and make plans for an evening of smiles with our movie.