The Babymoon

Finding The Small Stuff: Great Hidden Gems Like “The Babymoon”

If you are anything like me, you are always on the lookout for something new to watch. With five hundred cable channels, streaming videos, pay-per-view, on-demand and the Internet, you wouldn’t think it would be so difficult to find something good to watch. The sad truth is that I have a harder time finding something interesting and fun to watch today than I did years ago – simply because there is too much to choose from! There is so much out there, almost too much, that it is easy for the good little movies and indie content to fall through the cracks. You have to spend time finding the gems because they are out there. Such is the case with “ The Babymoon ” movie – a movie that is WORTH the hunt.

A Great Combination of Genres

This movie offers a good combination of genres. You get laughs, thoughtful moments, and a super fun adventure all packaged into one indie film! You might think from the title that this is a movie that is only geared towards new or expectant parents (since they are the center of the movie), but the truth is as the saying goes… don’t judge a book by it’s cover! The movie has something for everyone in it! Yes, it is a great couple and relationship film, but there is a lot of comedy involved as well, making it a fun movie for anyone that appreciates some good laughs. Throw in a little bit of adventure and thrills along the way as we watch what happens to our couple, and you have a pretty complete movie for everyone.

Where to Find ” The Babymoon “

THE EASY PART! It’s an indie film, so you’re not going to see any major ads for it, but you can find it in SO many places! First, watch the trailer on YouTube. (You’ll laugh. I promise.) Then, you can see it at almost every major on-demand streaming service.“ The Babymoon ” is available for streaming or download on both Amazon and iTunes. You can download it to your cell, tablet, or computer, and have it to watch at your leisure. Some gaming consoles even allow you to download it through streaming services like Amazon, so you can watch it on any screen at home! It’s really easy to watch on the go, pause and re-start on another device, and the stop again (because we all know that’s what happens to parents watching movies!).

Learn More about the Film

This film has a really fun cast who are working on new projects all the time. One cast member, Phillip Garcia, was just on “Criminal Minds”. Others have been featured on “Mad Men”, “Supernatural”, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, and “The Flash” to name a few shows. These people are what makes the film – so  if you want to learn more about “ The Babymoon ” movie, what the movie is about, and find links for your purchase and download, take the time to visit the website You will find everything you are looking for so you can discover this awesome gem of an indie yourself!