A Fun Movie Starring Julie McNiven of Mad Men Fame

Julie McNiven of Mad Men

Are you always looking for something good to watch in the movies or on television? If you are like a lot of people, there is only so much you can take of superhero movies and the dozens of reality shows on television that do not appeal to anyone over the age of twenty. You would love to take the time to sit down and watch a movie that is funny, touching and about people experiencing real life for a change. Well, guess what? Such a movie exists in our great little film “The Babymoon.” This movie is a funny, sweet, real film that stars Julie McNiven of  Mad Men fame and offers everything you have been looking for in a movie.

A Movie for Parents

“The Babymoon” is a movie about parents and what they go through today in their relationship while going through pregnancy. The film takes a light look at the idea of a “babymoon” where couples travel before the birth of the baby on a vacation where they can connect with each other and enjoy time together before the baby is born. Our movie combines the charm you love with depth and understanding of relationships, along with a healthy dose of humor and fun thrown in. It is a movie that everyone will enjoy and relate to with its honest approach to the life, relationships and having children.

A Fantastic Cast

What helps to make our movie so fantastic is the strong cast that we have assembled. Julie McNiven of “Mad Men” stars as Hanna and brings her amazing talents to the role. Shaun Sipos stars opposite her as her husband, Trace. We have an amazing supporting cast to go along with our stars, including Kelly Perine, Mark DeCarlo, Jessica Camacho, Michael DeLorenzo, Michael Steger and many others that you have seen in movies and on television. The cast brings a great deal of energy and joy to the film and helps create the kind of movie you want to see.

Julie McNiven of Mad Men

Where to See It

If you cannot wait to see a great movie with Julie McNiven of “Mad Men” and others, then head over to our website at www.thebabymoon.org so you can learn more about “The Babymoon” and where you can download and watch the movie for yourself. You will be glad you took the time to see it and it will be the friendly, enjoyable film that you have been looking for.