Parent Comedy

A New Parent Comedy for Insight and Laughs

It seems to get more and more challenging to see a movie today that is something new, different and exciting. You can check the listings for new movies every week that are coming to your area and you likely find it all to be just another superhero movie, action flick or historical period romance/drama. While some of these movies may hold interest for you, very often there is nothing about them that is special or different than the dozens of other movies that have come before them. People today seem to be crying out for a movie that will bring a smile to their face, bring laughter and bring insight. It would be great to finally come across a parent comedy that was able to bring all of these things together.

A Comedy That Works

When you consider some of the comedy movies that have come out in recent years, it seems like the only ones that ever draw any attention are the typical buddy comedies or those that are raunchy and designed to appeal to young adults with a cruder sense of humor. There certainly is an audience for a movie like this, but there never seems to be anything that appeals directly to parents, new parents or parents to be. Seeing something that provides a setting and scenarios that seem like they could actually take place in a real person’s life is something that has been missing from the movie industry for quite a while.

parent comedy

Funny and Insightful

It would be nice to see a parent comedy that was a good combination of humor and insight. A comedy that focuses not only on the relationship between a husband-and-wife as they prepare to become parents and the trials and tribulations that go along with all of this would be an excellent change of pace from what is typically brought to audiences today. Luckily, such a movie is right on the horizon.

The Movie to See

If you are ready to see a parent comedy that offers you insight and laughs then you want to go to The Babymoon is a unique comedy that focuses on the relationship between a husband and wife as they are embarking on the birth of their child and the experiences they have when they take a “babymoon” vacation to a beautiful, exotic location that turns out to be not all that they hoped it would be.